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Hot Stone Steak Bar & Restaurant in Győr

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Hot Lava Stone Steak Bar in Győr

Steak baked on lava stone, culinary delicacies, food specialties

“Do it yourself” steak roasting – the way you like it!

We are near to the Széchenyi square, wich is the main baroque square of the City.

We have created the menu of MARHA JÓ! in such a way that everyone can find the special dish they would like to try, wheter it be soup, meat, or a delicious dessert. Naturally, the main role is the steak, which is serve on a lava stone and prepare by the guest himself.


An unparalleled experience and delicious food at the same place in Győr!

We heat the lava-stone in a special oven to 350-400 degrees, then bring it to your table on a bamboo or ceremic tray with your choosed  sauces, so you can prepare your favorite steak yourself. Our waiters are ready to help you choose and prepare the meat.

Our goal is primarily to use domestic, high-quality ingredients.

Let the dinner be a real experience!

We look forward to seeing you!



5-star gastronomy

We believe in quality and the top-gastronomy. Our passion is cooking, therefore we pay special attention already by choosing the raw materials. We only prepare the dishes on the menu from the best quality beef, venison, poultry and fish.

Taste's experience

We have created dishes that offer a new kind of experience to all those who visit our restaurant. Our starters, soups and main courses are all special in taste and appearance.

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Extra lunch or dinner in Győr? Order food from the “Forró Lavaköves” steak restaurant.

Now for takeaway and delivery!

You can place your order at our contact details below.

Phone: +36 20 508 6749

Adress: 9022 Győr, Rákóczi Ferenc u. 9.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11:30-22:00

Saturday-Sunday 11:30-22:00

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